Frequently Asked Questions



What Happens During A Reiki Session?

You lie on a table fully clothed with soft music and soft lighting creating a peaceful atmosphere while the Reiki practitioner places his / her hands over areas of your body that need attention—e.g., your knees, shoulders, head, etc. But even without touching, you may feel energy passing from her hands to you, unblocking target parts of your body. This is almost always a relaxing experience and some people even fall asleep during it. It is not unusual for people to report feeling an infusion of warm, glowing energy and an overall feeling of deep relaxation after a Reiki treatment. Typically, a Reiki session lasts 50 minutes.

How Can Reiki Help Me Physically?

For centuries, Reiki has been used to help with chronic pain such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and muscle inflammation. Depending on the condition, Reiki has been shown to provide short-term chronic pain relief and, with multiple treatments, can minimize more persistent discomfort. It can also help manage post-surgical pain naturally or in connection with traditional medications prescribed by your medical doctor.

How Can Reiki Help Me Emotionally?

As Reiki clears energetic blocks in the body, it offers support for the good health and balance of the mind-body connection.

Can Reiki Help With Hospice Care?

Yes. Both the hospice patient and his or her loved ones can benefit from the sense of peace and well-being that most Reiki clients find so beneficial. Your Reiki practitioner can enhance your loved one’s transition into the afterlife by working with Hospice caregivers to make it a peaceful and spiritual passing.

Can Children Benefit From Reiki?

Yes. The gentle art of Reiki can benefit people of any age.

Can Reiki Really Help My Pet(s)?

Yes. Many animal lovers have reported noticeable, positive changes in mood and behavior in their pets after having Reiki treatments. Often they have found their pets to be calmer and less anxious after a treatment. Carol has found the same to be true and is happy to talk to you about your pets. Reiki treatments for cats, horses and reptiles, however, will not be available.

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Is Reiki Part Of A Religion?

No. Reiki does not come from any religion and does not promote any religion. Reiki can positively affect one’s spirituality but you do not have to be a member of a church to experience that benefit. People with religious faith who have had Reiki treatments have expressed a heightened sense of connection to their beliefs after their treatments.

Is Having A Reiki Session Safe During These Pandemic Times?

Yes. It is not necessary to touch the client when administering the treatment. The practitioner will provide disposable masks upon request.

How Long Will The Effects Of A Treatment Last?

Typically 48 hours.

Carol Decker, MS, CCC/SLP, Reiki Master
Office: St. Simons Island, GA