"Health is the Greatest of Human Blessings."

~ Hippocrates

Health is the Greatest of Human Blessings.

~ Hippocrates

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. Many ancient cultures embrace the belief that energy flows through the body to affect our entire being in positive ways. The practice of Reiki is based on the teachings of Mikao Usui, a Japanese physician who developed therapeutic ways to utilize that universal energy in individual people. Rather than allowing disruptions and imbalances in the flow of energy to produce physical and emotional illnesses, Reiki sessions focus on restoring the proper flow of that energy to promote good health and well-being.

Reiki is not massage therapy and it is not used to diagnose illness. It is a technique that can help with chronic and acute conditions by gently promoting balance in both the mind and spirit.

Carol Decker, MS, CCC/SLP; Reiki Master

What is a session like?

Clients are instructed to wear comfortable clothes (to be worn) while lying on a table during approximately a fifty minute session. However, a Reiki session can be adapted to a client’s special physical needs and can take place in a chair, hospital bed, etc. Once the session starts, the practitioner simply places her hands above the client’s body over areas such as the head, shoulders, back, chest, stomach and limbs. By doing so, the practitioner serves as a conduit for universal energy to flow through her to the client. It is not the practitioner’s energy.

The session begins with a pre-consult discussion with the patient and concludes with a follow-up discussion to share thoughts and impressions about the Reiki experience.

How Reiki can help you?

Reiki promotes healing, relaxation and restful sleep by providing benefits for both mind and body. Reiki clients often report the alleviation of pain and stress, feeling the release of painful muscle tension, relief of depression, and deep relaxation after treatments. Reiki therapy often complements traditional medical treatment, psychological counseling and massage therapy. In addition, recent research at major medical centers worldwide, has shown significant reduction in patients’ complaints of pain-including patients coping with the side effects of chemotherapy and those suffering from symptoms related to Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia.

Pets can benefit from Reiki.

Both veterinarians and animal lovers have found that Reiki treatments can benefit pets as well as pet owners. In fact, many veterinarians now incorporate Reiki into their therapies for treating animals for various diseases and for generally promoting their well-being. Animal Reiki has been shown to reduce nervous pets’ stress levels by calming their fears and creating in them a sense of safety and peace. Animal Reiki is great for trauma – PTSD issues, rescues or lost and missing pets.

Read what Innovative Veterinary Care has to say about Reiki for pets.

What My Clients Say

I am honored to recommend Carol Decker as a Reiki practitioner. I sought Carol’s help when I was experiencing a lot of difficult side effects from chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. Because the chemo was making me miserable, I started getting Reiki treatments from Carol on Sunday afternoons (4 days after chemotherapy). After each treatment, I could tell that my body was beginning to heal noticeably and that I was feeling much better. After Carol’s treatments, when I went to see my oncologist, he told me that my white counts were back to normal and that I had recovered. He wondered what had happened to change things so abruptly.

My experience with Carol’s Reiki treatments was a true “game-changer.” She is talented, lovely and compassionate; but most importantly, she has an unparalleled gift for Reiki that saved my life.

Carol, I am grateful beyond measure.

Tiffany B.

Pembroke Pines, FL

My relationship with Carol started out merely as a friendship enjoying the nearby beach and each other’s company. I had some experience with Reiki before meeting Carol and decided to try a session with her.

I was fine with having a treatment but my expectations were not very high. What happened in the session blew me away. Carol was very gentle, very spiritual and very professional. It relaxed my mind and body to the point that I believe I had a past life vision. In all of my prior Reiki sessions, I had never experienced anything like that and I am truly grateful to Carol for putting me in that place.

Carol is a very spiritual and giving person who has a gift for helping people. If I still lived in her community, I would definitely want to be one of her “regulars.”

Tina R.

Lords Valley, PA

I had never had a Reiki treatment and was skeptical. But, I had nagging right shoulder pain from exercising improperly and was frustrated that it wasn’t getting any better. The discomfort was keeping me awake at night and that was getting old. I  considered getting Reiki treatments from Carol because I knew her to be a good and caring person and, at the least, I didn’t think the treatments were likely to do me any harm. My experience with my first treatment surprised me a bit because it was so peaceful, relaxing and non-threatening. It was a great treatment for me mentally and I didn’t expect that. And, my shoulder stopped hurting.

I have had subsequent Reiki sessions with Carol—not because I’ve had any specific physical ailments that needed attention, but because I’ve wanted another dose of the general sense of calm and well-being that they produce. They really make me feel better.

I recommend St. Simons Reiki. Carol is a talented and gentle person and Reiki might just be for real.


St. Simons Island, GA

Carol Decker, MS, CCC/SLP, Reiki Master
Office: St. Simons Island, GA